A Renowned Productivity App | US |  Client Objective

Increase their app’s ranking (161) to Top 20 in Productivity Category in the United States

During the very first days of February 2019, a renowned VPN app in the United States and the United Kingdom, contacted App Samurai to run a boost campaign for increasing their overall App Store search visibility in the United States. The popular VPN app allows users to access websites and apps anonymously with no concern with an extra layer of security. Their campaign goal was to reach Top 20 in Productivity Category in the United States simultaneously increasing their Daily Active Users and Subscription Purchase rates.

Strategy | Boost + Extensive ASO Plan

The main aim with a boost campaign is to increase the category store ranking of an app. This would increase the visibility of the app to potential users, which in turn would result with an organic uplift in overall downloads. In other words, even though the high volume of installs received with the boost campaign may not all be relevant users that you were looking for, the users that are coming thanks to the increased visibility that your app gain with store ranking increase are the high-quality & relevant users that would also determine the success of the campaign. Moreover, to support the boost campaign results, and actualize them faster, you also need invest time & effort in App Store Optimization. As App Samurai, for our strategic customers, we are also providing complimentary ASO services to support them further on their way to achieve their goals. Our services included;

ASO Keyword Suggestions

After carrying out an extensive keyword research and a thorough analysis on competitors, we have created a new set of keywords for our customer.

Keyword Spot Localization Hack

Normally App Store limits you with a 100 character keyword field, where you can only fit 8-12 keywords at most, which can be a real challenge. The trick that we have suggested to our customer was to localize their app also for Spanish (Mexico) App Store, which will give them an extra 100-character keyword field that will also rank in United States.

Title and Subtitle Optimization

We have detected non-performing and repetitive keywords in the title and subtitle areas. We have revised these areas with performing keywords to rank higher than competitors.

Creative Support

We have designed a couple of new store creatives and run several A\B tests to figure out which are the best performing creatives. Creatives have a crucial role to convince visitors to download the app so it affects page conversion rate directly.

In-App Purchase Name Update

Did you know that in-app purchase names are also a factor for search results? We have revised them to rank higher in relevant search results.

Boost Campaign (Rewarded Install Traffic)

Boost campaign was initiated to generate a large quantity of downloads in a short time, achieving a prominent spot in the download charts and increase organic downloads.

Click to Install Rate Optimization

We have constantly checked and optimized click to install rates. The aim was to keep it at a minimum of 50% due to the fact that CTI is a key performance indicator for App Store regarding whether your app is qualified enough to climb higher in rankings.

Install to Event Rate Optimization

CTI was checked & maintained, but it was not enough! We have also tracked install to event rates closely for both ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and to reaching Top 20 goals because App Store ranking algorithm also monitor user quality of an app to give better ranking.

Key Results

+25 days campaign duration

Focus Geo: US

Platform: iOS

55.000+ Installs Delivered

Avg. Daily Install: 2118

Avg. Cost Per Install: $0.88

Ranking Jump: 161>19

%165.38 Organic Uplift

  • 53K+ Rewarded Installs Delivered in 25 days,
  • Increased visibility on the App Store,
  • %32 Increase In App Store Page Conversion Rate,
  • Jumped +141 ranking and reached the TOP 20,
  • Performed with %165 Organic Uplift
  • Acquired 20K+ Organic Traffic with $1.80 eCPI payout in United States!

We have delivered 53K+ rewarded app installs in 25 days!

# of Installs Provided

Daily Downloads

Our traffic performance resulted as 165.38% Organic Uplift -> $1.80 eCPI

App Store ranking jumped to 19 from 161 that has generated extra 20K+ organic installs in 25 days!

Campaign Summary

25 Days





eCPI (effective Cost Per Install)


Organic Uplift


TOTAL INSTALLS (Organic Uplift + Paid)

161 ► 19th

Ranking Jump

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