7 Ways to Stop Users From Uninstalling Your App

One of the top questions that permanently appear in app owner’s minds is: Why people uninstall my app? Well, we gave you 10 Reasons For Why People Uninstall Your App. If you missed it, then it is imperative to check it now. If you read that and you forgot all about it then read it again. There are big chances to find the answer to your concern. But, another issue rises after you answer the first one: What should I do to reduce mobile app uninstall rate? Continue with the article because you are about to find out how to protect apps from uninstalling.

7 Ways to Reduce Mobile App Uninstall Rate

Remember that apps are different and there isn’t a general formula of how to prevent app from uninstalling. You need to pay attention to every single interaction of users with your app and to determine the right path for improving the situation.

Start Tracking

First of all you need to find the root of evil to find out how to prevent app from uninstalling. You can’t build a plan if you don’t know the cause of your problem. To really understand what happens inside your app and how users handle all the activities the best method is to take advantage of tracking tools.
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Integrate Third Party Tracking Tool

A handy and modern solution to determine customer journey is to integrate a tracking tool that does the job for you. This way you can follow your users through the app. In the same time you are able to see how it works for them by keeping your eye on in – app events. There are plenty of companies which offer this type of services but for the sake of your app you should choose the one that really helps you to reach your scope, according to your budget and to the features provided of course. On the other hand there are platforms that concentrate their algorithms on attribution that determined users to uninstall your app and provide all the necessary information to measure this problematic metric. To guide you through this process we gathered 8 Tools To Track Android And iOS App Uninstalls.

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Determine Red Flags

While you study your analytics you should observe a pattern of the elements that make users uninstall your app. The question of ”How to stop uninstalling apps in Anroid and iOS might have different solutions.” It really depends on your app category. For a mobile game it is essential to keep an eye on the tutorial completion and on the resources. Or maybe some particular level is too difficult for the majority of players. For a retail app you should notice what holds customers back to complete their purchases. And so on and so forth. There are cases and cases but you should know best because it is your app after all.

Image Source: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-find-out-uninstall-numbers-for-my-iPhone-app

Segment Your Audience

After you completed the steps above you need to divide your users into different groups and to create the right strategy for every segment. If you want to understand the best practices and to see a couple of examples of how user segmentation works you can check our article, App User Segmentation: Best Practices And Examples. Again, you should apply the theory according to your needs. Further in this article we will share some techniques to re-engage your users.

Image Source: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-find-number-of-users-uninstalled-my-app-in-iOS

Gather Feedback

The most direct way to discover the reasons why users uninstall your app and how to avoid this phenomenon is to create a communication channel between them. Don’t wait until you see their complaints on the app store or on various social media networks. Make them understand that you are there to listen to them and to solve their issues. We shared with you three of the most efficient ways to gather feedback but the possibilities are endless. You just need to build a relationship with your customers and to ask for their help to improve your app.

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Re – consider Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great solution to convince users about the value of your app. The only condition is to use them wisely in order to obtain the wanted effect. Let’s discuss the most common mistakes you must avoid when you want to adopt this technique.

Adjust Frequency

If you start attacking your users with desperate messages you won’t see any results. You will make things worse. Instead, you should send your users notifications when you have something important to communicate like an offer for their favorite products or a new character added to your game.

Personalize It

There is a reason for the great amount of data collected in analytics reports. Use it to understand the best way to approach your users. The new innovations in this industry offer you solutions to impress users with rich media messages that will make them change their mind from uninstalling your app.
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Start Remarketing

After you find the reason why users uninstall your app and who are those users you need to find a way to remind them why they installed your app in the first place. Here are some hints on how to start.


Email marketing will always be a suitable channel to remain connected with your customers. Keep in mind that it is very important how you do that, but we showed you the best approach to make them notice your message. Many people receive tens of emails daily so you need to play your cards right if you want to avoid the moment when they ignore your message.

Retargeting Ads

There are two main channels that can offer you the best advantages to bring users back to your app, Facebook and Google. Check our small guide to use each of them and follow the Best Practices Of Mobile App Retargeting.

In – App Message

In case users still open your app, in-app messages can do wonders for its success. It is essential to come up with smart messages and to personalize them according to your app style. Don’t forget about their frequency and don’t bother users’ activity with your prompts.

Image Source: https://www.urbanairship.com/in-app-messaging-explained

Offer Incentives

It would be great if every user would fall in love with your app. But with millions of apps to choose from it is very difficult to attract them without offering something valuable, like a discount or a bonus for their fidelity. This chart from Think With Google speaks by itself. So, try to focus your attention on the section of your app that drives more engagement and to increase its effects. Maybe some exclusive feature or some premium content will convince them to open your app over and over again.

Improve App Performance

Maybe the problems of your app have nothing to do with your marketing strategy. It is possible that other elements determine users to uninstall your app. Take another look at the way your app is functioning on all devices.

Decrease Footprint

Memory usage is one of the main factors that can make users to delete your app so you need to be careful with this aspect. We recommend you to check the guides provided by Google and by Apple for minimizing your app’s memory footprint.

Image Source: https://ankursingla.com/2017/01/31/reasons-for-the-high-uninstall-rates-in-india/

Optimize Battery Usage

Another situation that annoys mobile app users is the battery drain caused by your creation. In order to avoid that you should follow the official guidelines on how to optimize battery life for Android and iOS apps.
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We just presented you 7 solutions for the same concern regarding mobile app uninstalls. Many of them were discussed before so you just need to discover the main generator for the high number of users that delete your app and to act according to the information received. It is not hard but you have to apply these techniques adapted to your own situation.

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