5 Proven Methods: How to Create Effective Mobile Popup Ads?

In today’s digital world we see that Mobile Advertising is one of the digital marketing trends of the day. Considering that we all use mobile devices in our daily lives and probably solve our problems through mobile devices, maybe it’s time to get the benefit of mobile advertising.
How about making it possible through Mobile Popup Ads?
Today there are thousands of people who have prejudices to mobile popup ads. However, this might happen because of the bad experience, bad designs and more.
In this case, we always mention the benefits of Mobile Popup Ads as long as they’re used in a productive manner.

If you know how to use them properly they’re helpful to increase your conversion rates and grow your email list as well. Popups are also very effective to increase email subscriptions and boost the opt-in rate.
Today we’re talking especially about Mobile Popup Ads.  According to StatCounter, mobile devices now account for as much as 50% of the total web traffic.
AWeber found that a pop-up form converted 1375% better than traditional forms for driving blog subscriptions.
Research and markets estimate mobile commerce share of online retail will exceed 50% by 2021.
As you can see, the numbers are huge. In order to succeed in mobile pop-up ads, we should pay attention to it.
Did you know that website visitors can’t just abandon email capture on mobile?
This is a great opportunity that we can’t miss at all!

In mobile, we should develop some strategies to make it better. Maybe we can start it by using the pop-up ad to promote an internal offering first. Encouraging your website visitors to subscribe to your email list is only possible by providing something great and valuable. Why not offering them a premium content, like an ebook?
Believe me, your conversion rates will be surprising for you!
Remember, improving your strategy is totally up to you. For example, you can implement a promotion of one of your popular product into that particular premium content. Keep your visitor within your sales funnel and promote additional offers through smart mobile popups.

5 Tips to Create Effective Mobile Popup Ads


Don’t Occupy The Entire Page With Popup Ads

Let’s start the most important tip for mobile ads. If you follow the Google Updates, there is a new regulation. According to this update, the website and webpage will penalize if a banner uses a reasonable amount of screen space. That means you shouldn’t interrupt the user-experience in mobile.

Obviously, we should be careful!
In order to provide a user-friendly mobile experience and avoid being penalized by Google, use pop-up ads that don’t take up the entire screen of the page on mobile devices.
For example, instead of using popups in the entire page and hidden your content use it by occupying the top quarter of the screen or vice versa. This will allow you to show the main content of the webpage. Still visible, still works for your benefit.

Use Popup Ads on Landing Page & Don’t Hide Your Content

Another biggest mistake is to show mobile pop-up ads once the user arrives on the website. Believe me, it won’t help to increase your conversions. Considering the algorithms of Google, this is now highly discouraged because it simply interrupts the user experience.
Put yourself into your visitor’s shoes. Wouldn’t you leave the website immediately if a popup appears as soon as you visit the website?
I think your answer is yes!

Never Use Popup Ads Upon Page Load

You should show your mobile popup ads after some period of time has passed. In this case trigger your popup to relevant users, at the right time!
Think about it, if a website visitor spends some time in your website, s/he is probably interested. In this case, you can implement the ad such that it only loads when the user has reached the end of a particular page. You may use exit-intent popups to prevent cart abandonment. These are smart ways to use mobile popup ads in a productive manner. You better hit them when they are at their most receptive moment!

Use Strong Call-to-Action to Trigger Your Popup Ads

You need CTA-triggered popups in order to succeed in mobile advertising and marketing. It’s kind of cool to provide powerful and relevant call-to-action which appears on every page of your website. Considering that, it’s somehow user-friendly and SEO-compliant, you can give them more space to input their email. It simply enhances the chance of clicking as well as conversions.

Customize Popup Ads & Make Them Visible

Pay attention to the customizing options. Reflect your brand’s look and functionality with your mobile popup ads. Use strong call-to-action to convey your message properly.
Call-to-action or CTA is something you should definitely take advantage of to trigger an immediate response in your audience. They’re generally comprised of short phrases like “Call Now”.
I guess we’re all interested here in the digital newsletter, so we better use clickable buttons that will take a customer to a landing page. You should always think about its quality. Simply, the right CTA will be helpful to increase sales by giving your audience a simple action to perform.
Have unique and responsive designs. Don’t make your customers disappointed in terms of different dimensions such as a mobile or tablet.

In a nutshell, if you know how to play the game with sticky rules, there is no reason for missing the benefits of mobile pop-up ads. All you need to do is paying attention to the must-have points. In this case, don’t forget to have a great popup builder tool.
Remember, all you have to do are;

  • choose the right triggering event
  • use the responsive system not to interrupt the user experience
  • display mobile popup ads to the right people at the right time!

It’s time to get the benefit of mobile advertising!
Hope you find this article useful, thank you for your time!

Author Bio: Mia Mowry is the Content Marketing Manager of PopupSmart. She is also the author of PopupSmart’s Blog. You can find her on LinkedIn, or you can directly reach her through PopupSmart’s website.

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